Car Crashes, Covid, and Care at California Hospitals
Car Crashes, Covid, and Care at California Hospitals
Car Crashes, Covid, and Care at California Hospitals
In mid-December of 2020, the ICU bed capacity at Riverside hospitals dropped to zero. Although hospital administrators were quick to reassure the public that they manage surges every year as a result of challenges including seasonal flu spikes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other situations involving an increased need for medical care, the fact that no ICU beds were available at that time for incoming Covid patients, critically ill patients, and physical trauma victims was alarming. Hospital administrators pledged to “make it work,” as Southern California’s dedicated and often heroic medical community is often called upon to do. Reports that critical care space is being set up in unconventional locations are inspiring but concerns that there just isn’t enough staff and equipment to attend to all who need care quickly is becoming an urgent concern.

Covid-19 Is Overwhelming California’s Hospitals

When Covid-19 spikes occur, the availability of space in ICUs, emergency departments, and hospitals generally is affected. When Covid patients can’t get access to the care they need, their condition may deteriorate in ways that would be preventable otherwise. However, Covid patients aren’t the only Californians being affected by the profound surge in hospitalizations taking place all over the state. Those who are suffering from illness and traumatic injury are also being affected by delays to care, inaccessibility to care, and overworked staff. It’s important to understand that if you have been injured in an auto accident and your condition worsened because you were either unable to access healthcare in a timely manner or your caregivers were so overworked that they made mistakes, you may have legal options at your disposal.

What Hospital Overcrowding Means for Car Crash Victims

A crash occurs. A victim of the collision is rushed to the hospital. However, the waiting time for space in the emergency department is significant because of a Covid surge. That waiting time delays that patient’s care and their condition deteriorates. Or, while hospitalized after the crash victim has been stabilized, the overworked staff that is understandably fatigued makes a mistake in the patient’s medication dosage and complications arise. These hypotheticals are unfortunately reality for too many patients suffering from traumatic injury during the pandemic. As hospitals become overcrowded, the quality of care that patients are entitled to can slip. The consequences of such a transition can be catastrophic.

Is it Time to Seek a Legal Opinion?

If you believe that a delay in care or a medical mistake may have made injuries caused by your auto accident worse, please consider seeking legal counsel. Again, it’s important to understand that your rights as a patient are codified for good reason – you shouldn’t be held responsible for the financial consequences of someone else’s medical mistake. With that said, speaking with an attorney in a consultation setting allows you to ask questions without committing to any action whatsoever. The choice to move forward or to assume the costs of the mistake that was made is always up to you. Also, please note that if you’re unsure of whether a mistake led to the medical challenges you’re currently facing, that’s okay. Our firm will be able to provide you with personalized guidance once we learn about the specifics of your situation.

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Free Consultations Are Available

If you haven’t yet scheduled a free, risk-free, and confidential consultation with our firm, please do so now. Our firm takes great pride in advocating for the rights of accident victims and it would be our honor to assist you in the wake of your collision. We look forward to speaking with you.

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